Portfolio Management

Portfolio management usually refers to the process of picking well-performing equity assets such as stocks, bonds, funds, or cryptocurrencies to achieve a specific investment goal. Similar to a wealth manager, a portfolio manager usually sets a personal investing plan based on a client's financial needs, budget, economic outlook, and risk tolerance. Whether you have existing brokerage accounts or looking to build meaningful asset allocation for your newly available portfolio, retirement account, cryptocurrency holdings, or kids/college fund you can use Macroaxis Online Portfolio Manager and Portfolio Optimization engine to significantly improve performance of your invested capital and optimize all your portfolios instantly.
Sound financial investments are essential for retirement and your family's future. Creating investment portfolios are attractive because instead of putting your eggs all in one basket, you are diversifying, which inherently decreases your overall risk. Like anything else, you must nurture your investment portfolio if you expect to get the most significant return on your investment (ROI) possible. Solid Portfolio Management is a crucial process in maintaining the overall health of your investment. Macroaxis portfolio optimization framework is designed for investors of all levels who seek to increase risk-adjusted performance of their invested capital using solid financial models and a robust portfolio optimization engine.
Macroaxis offers a portfolio management framework in the context of traditional fundamental and technical analysis combined with mean-variance optimization and proven portfolio theory. Enhance returns and reduce exposure to market risk for yourself, your clients, and your family.
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Rebalancing - Part of Portfolio Management

Some areas will grow at different rates, while others may experience a loss. Inherently the distribution of your assets between each area may be different at the end of a selected period than it was at the beginning. Portfolio rebalancing simply means buying and/or selling different portions of your portfolio to reach how your assets were originally weighted between different investments. Let's use a simple example. Let's say you have $100,000. You make two different types of investments. We will call them A and B. You invest $50,000 in each one. Throughout the chosen time frame, investment A grows and is now worth $60,000, while investment B loses and is now worth $40,000. Instead of a 50/50 ratio, you know have a 60/40 ratio. Rebalancing means you sell some of investment A and buy some of investment B so that your portfolio once again has returned to its original investment distribution of 50/50.

Manage your portfolio actively

You may be inclined to have the mindset, "if it's not broke, do not fix it." However, it is important to rebalance your investment portfolio from time-to-time. The most important reason is to make sure your tolerance at risk stays at an acceptable level for your situation and needs. Going outside of your tolerance at risk can be stressful and lead to outcomes you aren't prepared for. Secondly, portfolio rebalancing gives you the chance to look over all of your investments and replace the ones that aren't performing as well as you expected for different investments with more promise. Lastly, the process allows you to move money from your more profitable investments to other investments that are credible but just haven't had time to be profitable yet.

How Active Should I Be?

In theory, you can rebalance as often as you deem necessary. For most investors, rebalancing their portfolio twice is a year is a good rule of thumb to ensure investments do not become too unevenly distributed. However, a good motto for portfolio rebalancing is to do it whenever you see a change of five percentage points or more in an asset class. Macroaxis allows you to rebalance your portfolio at your own time and pace with the help of powerful analytics to assist you in making the best financial decisions possible.

Not a Financial Guru? That's Okay!

If you're thinking to yourself that maybe an investment portfolio management isn't for you because you're not a financial guru, then you couldn't be more wrong! Macroaxis takes the hassle out of building and maintaining your investment portfolio. Whether you are new at investing or old-hat, Macroaxis makes investing easy and personalized. Create a portfolio that is based on your budget, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. Use our state-of-the-art analytical tools to easily understand how your investments are performing and create alerts based on custom thresholds you set that alert you to when prices have met your criteria to buy or sell. Engage in portfolio rebalancing at any time you deem necessary without the need to wait for an appointment with an in-person investment broker. Our instant optimization feature allows you to build your portfolio to align with your long-term investment goals! Begin securing your financial future by building your portfolio today! Sign up for your FREE trial!

Three easy steps to start managing and optimizing your investments

Macroaxis provides investors and money managers with agile investment management methodology powered by real, ready to use analytical tools to get most out of your investments. Don't miss up on what your local market offers. Volatility can be your real friend. Use our continues portfolio optimization framework to outperform the market.


Originate your portfolios

You can either import your existing portfolios in Excel or csv format or simply create a brand new portfolio that mimics or simulates your current holdings. We will automatically update your holding with fresh historical and market data. Macroaxis also provide instant portfolio building process by utilizing multiple, pre-optimized Investing ideas.


Analyze and grade your holdings

After you import or create your portfolios, simply run one of our built-in analytical modules to compute a relative score for your existing holdings and to present you with details regarding your estimated risk level and expected returns.


Optimize, rebalance and monitor

After you know your portfolio relative score and understand its risk-adjusted return potential, you can utilize our optimization and suggestion modules to see what can be improved in your portfolio to reduce market risk exposure or enhance expected return. When you finally satisfied with your new asset allocation, simply export your entire portfolio back to excel file and use it with your designated brokerage.

Take full control of all your investments

Make profitable portfolios. Enhance returns and reduce exposure to market risk for yourself, your clients, and your family.Build Portfolio Now
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Note, that in addition to our portfolio optimization and suggestion engine, Macroaxis provides a suite of investment solutions through the Software as a Service model (SaaS). This allows investor and money managers to focus less on technology, and more on managing portfolios or servicing clients. Contact Us. We are dedicated to helping you diversify all your portfolios according to your unique situation, appetite for risk, capital preservation attitude, and expectation of the future economic conditions.