A Chinese edible alcohol company priced well below market averages.

  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

China New Borun Corporation (New Borun) (BORN) produces edible alcohol products.  The company also produces crude corn oil and other alcohol by-products.  The company has a market capitalization of $32 million, so is smallish.  Their stock is traded at $1.27 per share.  

The EPS ratio and the company’s earnings are what caught my eye.more]

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Chinese companies do not get enough credit and investors have shied away from them.  BORN is a company that has solid earnings with strong growth.  The EPS ratio is well below market averages that puts this stock in a position for substantial gains if the ratio were to meet averages.  

I have been very bullish on real estate for some time.  Think of all of the money that was printed by the central banks around the world.  That was inflationary and the one thing that happens during inflationary times is that asset prices increase.  Real estate will be going up in price and there is already indications that home affordability is at near-record lows.  This is because there has not been any real development over the past many years after the real estate bubble from 2008.  Too many investors got their fingers singed from that and investment in development waned considerably.  Now, the players are back in building at decent levels.  But, the supply has not necessarily been able to keep up with demand.  

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Arlington Asset Investment Corp is an investment firm that has a portfolio of Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS).  They have agency and private securities.  They also hold real estate investments via a REIT.  

MBS were the instruments that created the financial meltdown of 2008 and the subsequent Great Recession.  These instruments were riddled with bad investments, false reporting and a hierarchy that even today no one really understands.  And, yet, there is potential in AI.  

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Consumer Portfolio Services is a consumer financial company.  The company purchases contracts from auto dealerships that those dealers financed.  However, the company focuses mainly on what would be considered the “sub-prime” of auto loans.  The consumers that are being financed have either no credit or bad credit.  

If there was any hesitation with investing in a company such as Consumer Portfolio, that is understandable.  After all, wasn’t the sub-prime the reason that the financial crisis occurred?  Yes.  But, these are different times.  

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HMN Financial is a holding company that own a bank, Home Federal Savings Bank.  The Bank’s operations are in the Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin areas.  The Bank focuses on traditional banking in the various areas for its customers.  The stock price is trading at $19.25 and the market capitalization is $193 million.  

I have been extremely bullish on banks for a number of months.  As it turns out the bullishness is warranted.  Many larger banks are seeing their stocks rise.  The same reasons will affect the lesser-known stocks simultaneously.  HMNF is a great example of that.

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Is it safe to invest in Argentina??

After all of the problems in this country the stability that has been seen has evened out.? Now, the country is returning back to moderate amounts of inflation and growth levels. This presents an opportunity to get into a country that has growth potential as well as a company that is one of the leaders in banking in the country.

And, the numbers on this company are impressive.??

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Reynolds American Inc. is the old R.J. Reynolds tobacco company.  This company is interesting in many ways.  To begin with you have to first get over any person obstacles of the company being a tobacco company and look at it from the perspective of being a business.  The company’s earnings have been steady but should be moving higher.

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Gilead Sciences made a $10 billion bet and lost.  They invested heavily into a drug that was denied release by the FDA.  Naturally, the stock was sold off sharply.  While the stock was sitting at highs of nearly $50.00, it is now a mere 10% of the level now.  But, just because the stock is beaten down as it is, does that mean it is a bad bet?


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It is the beginning of the new year and a good time to assess where things are in the financial world. Specifically, I wanted to look at the U.S. equity markets. Since the November election, the Dow has been on a massive tear upward. The composite index has risen from 17,883 to just a whisper under 20,000, a move of nearly 12% in under 2 month time.

When you see this move on a chart, or just sit back and think about it, you have to ask is this an appropriate time to buy into any stocks seeing that there has been a dramatic move upward? 

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