According to our data, most of our investors pick popular stock indexes like the NASDAQ or SP500 as a benchmark for their diversified portfolios. This may or may not be correct as most stock indexes do not necessary represent the actual mix of active positions and selecting conventional stock index for a diversified portfolio may generate a lot of wrong decisions. When you set a specific country as your default preference we will be matching the right benchmark and market for your portfolios as well as provide you with a default asset selection when you create your portfolios. Please make sure your investment profile is current.
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Market  United States
Value 26,770   Trending
  0.95   (255.68)
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RUTRussell 2000  0.42  Select
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ZPRXSPDR MSCI Europe  0.17  Select
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ZPDSSPDR SP U  0.22  Select
ZPDMSPDR SP U  0.27  Select
ZPDKSPDR SP U  1.27  Select
ZPDISPDR SP U  1.12  Select
ZPDHSPDR SP U  0.66  Select
ZPDDSPDR SP U  0.27  Select
ZIRNTRJunior Silver Small  0.29  Select
XUTYPHLX Utility Sector  0.37  Select
XRPLXRipple XRP Liquid  0.65  Select
XNDXS3NASDAQ 100 3x  3.66  Select
XNDXNNRLNASDAQ 100 Leveraged  1.93  Select
XNDXNNRHKDNasdaq 100 HKD  0.97  Select

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