A company that buys pharmaceutical patents and then leases them out.

  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

PDL BioPharma is an interesting company.  They really do not make anything.  Instead, the finance patents within the pharma industry, providing financial monetization of royalty streams to companies and academic institutions.  Their market capitalization is $365 million and the stock is trading at $2.20 per share.  

Basically, what the company doe... [more]

 valuation manufacturing   pdl biopharma healthcare biotechnology pharmaceutical products

PDL Pharma finds patents for pharmaceutical companies and the leases them out.  It is a small, but growing, niche business.  This firm has positive earnings.  However, because of its uniqueness, the company's stock has been left alone.  It is trading in single-digit EPS.  

Commonwealth Bank of Australia provides retail banking and financial services to personal, business and institutional clients.  The company has a market capitalization of $36 billion and a share price of $63.02.  

The bank is profitable.  In fact, it has very strong earnings, however they have been declining of late.  

 valuation finance   commonwealth bank financial services banks - global

Acco Brands makes office, school and calendar products, as their main focus, selling their products through commercial resellers and direct to consumers.  The company, ACCO, has a market capitalization of $1.4 billion and it stock is trading at $12.80.  

The company is a very well established, global brand.  This positions the company to continue its earnings.  As the world economy moves and expands, this company will do the same. 

 valuation manufacturing   acco brands industrials business equipment printing and publishing

Drive Shack is a holding company that deals with purchasing and managing golf courses.  It was just recently that this company switched its focus to the leisure activity of golf.  The company’s properties are mainly found in and around the south and the East Coast.  The stock is trading at roughly $4.42 per share and the market capitalization is roughly $243 million.

I have been very bullish on two sectors of late; banking and real estate.  You see, the economy in the United States is improving from the financial conundrum it has been in over the past several years.  Unemployment has been at near record lows and personal incomes for Americans are growing at moderate rates. 

 valuation other   drive shack consumer cyclical leisure trading

ACNB is a small, regional bank primarily in the Southwestern region of the United States.  They are a traditional bank offering depositing and lending services as well as financial services to its customers.  

I have been very bullish on the banking industry, and for good reason.  As it turns out, the numbers are saying that is a good call.  

 valuation finance   acnb financial services banks - regional - us banking

AFLAC.  You have seen their commercials on television many times.  They are the commercials with the white duck doing yoga, or doing some other kind of things that white ducks do not normally do.  They issue reinsurance as well as the insurance for disability that is advertised with the duck.  

Their earnings and other numbers are impressive and steady.  My kind of company.  I like a steady flow of revenue and earnings.  And, I like to pay a discounted rate for those earnings.  And, that is exactly where this company falls in to place

 valuation finance   aflac incorporated financial services insurance - life insurance

You can tell a lot about a car just by looking under the hood.  Well, that may have been the case long before the modern cars of today when you consider how the engine appears to be buried under some huge cover.  Now, you really have to do some digging around to get to see what is really going on.  

Dillard’s is almost like a car in that regards.  You know it is a retailer.  We have all heard of it, even if we have not had the fortune of walking into one of these stores.  After doing a healthy sifting around this company popped up in my screener.  I had seen it before but passed.  Now, after digging around, looking beyond the hood, if you will, I think I have found something very enticing.  

 valuation retail   dillards consumer cyclical department stores

Alaskan Airlines (ALK) has recently merged operations wth Virgin Air.  You can now schedule your flight with either of these airlines via their respective websites.  The thinking is with the merge is that there would ultimately be cost savings from running just one airline versus two, and, there would be a large amount of additional service to passengers from this.  Alaska is predominantly on the West Coast of the United States whereas Virgin is on the East Coast as well as in Europe.  Now, given the two combined airlines the company’s revenue should be increased.  After all, there will be far more increased services available to the combined carriers.  And, since the companies are already flying their planes being able to add more passengers to the same flights will be mostly pure profits.  What is more, the price of fuel is still relatively inexpensive. 

 valuation other   alaska air industrials airlines transportation

Citibank has seen its fair share of problems over the past few years.  In fact, its stock was trading at a record low of just about $.74 per share.  As it is, had you had the temerity to buy into that at that time you would be sitting on a very tidy fortune; the current stock price is $43. per share.  But, Citi was so bruised up it would have been very tough to get into that stock at that time.  There was a tremendous amount of fear in the markets and blood in the streets.

 valuation finance   cit financial services banks - regional - us banking

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