Real estate around the world will be increasing in value and this company will profit from that.

  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

UOL Group is a property and development company.  The company focuses on management of properties in the hotel management industry.  They are mostly located in Singapore and Hong Kong.  

Property has been declining in China and Singapore of late.  But, that trend is likely to wane since the economy in the United States is improving as it is. ... [more]

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UOLGY is a real estate property management company that specializes in hotels.  As the economy turns, this beaten down stock will profit from increasing revenue.  At the same time, the stock is deeply discounted to versus the industry and the stock market on average.  The stock is trading at a single digit EPS ratio.  

The industry average is where I look to next to determine where this stock should be in relation to they earnings potential.  This company is trading at 6.83 times earnings.  The industry and sector averages, respectively, are trading at 64.14 times and 63.11 times earnings.  This stock is trading at 1/10th the industry average despite positive earnings and increasing earnings growth.  

Given the EPS ratio, if the company were to be trading at .5 the industry average, 30-times EPS, the stock would be trading at $15.00 per share, a nearly 1,000 percent return.  Keep in mind that only gets the stock up to half the industry average.  

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Formula Systems is a global IT company.  The company provides services and software solutions for IT professional services.  The company’s stock is trading at $38.76 and their market capitalization is $570 million.  

Along with many companies during 2014, revenue declined a great deal.  The economy was faltering in the United States and around the world.  However, gross income has increased since then and is on par to regain levels seen before the large slowdown

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The economy in the United States is expanding, so much so that the Federal Reserve is in a protracted policy of raising interest rates up to normal levels.  The normalization of interest rates will actually have a slight, negative factor to automakers.  As interest rates increase the cost of a car for a consumer increases.  For now, though, my expectation is that the industry is going to start pushing the selling of cars before this rates rise and make buying a car prohibitive.  It makes sense.  As consumers, we have seen how automakers push these vehicles when they need to.  There will be the fair share of incentives and sales.  My thinking is that this is going to have a very positive effect very soon on revenue for automakers.  

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Earnings have turned back to positive and have remained.  After the loss of revenue that they witnessed in the recession, the company paired back on their costs, cutting staff and other expenses.  The drop in revenue was not dramatically large as much as it was sudden.  Now, since stabilizing, their revenue has been increasing steadily over the past few years.  The firm’s equity has been improving as well as their assets and debt.

The assets to debt ratio has remained very favorable throughout the past several years; the ratio increased from 1.87 to 2.42.  From here, after paying down a little bit of debt the company has the ability to focus on using its own mathematics and improve its growth rate.  

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