Higher interest rates mean higher profits for credit card companies such as this.

  over a year ago at Macroaxis 
By David Taylor

Atlanticus Holdings is a financial services company that deals in both car loans and credit cards.  They originate these loans and then provide servicing for customers.  

I have been very bullish on the financial sector of the stock market.  Our economy in the United States is growing and expanding.  Because of this, the Fed is raising interest ra... [more]

 technicals services   atlanticus holdings financial services credit services banking

Financial companies may be the story of the year and this stock may be one that has been left behind.  This is a car loan and credit card origination and maintenance company.  As interest rates move higher around the nation this company will be able to earn more through its loan portfolio that it maintains.  

Alcoa Corporation is a mining and production company of aluminum, as well as bauxite and alumina. Besides that mining, it owns seven bauxite mines and provides smelter grade alumina to manufacturers to several countries and regions. This company and along with others provide us with items as simple as aluminum foil, all the way to industrial grade items. This company certainly is at the mercy of raw material prices as this can influence profit potential. Also, demand is another driving factor. Enough about the company’s general information, let us take a look at the health of the company to see if it is a solid fit for your portfolio.

 technicals mining   alcoa basic materials aluminum steel works etc

Advanced Auto Parts is a company in the United States that sells automotive parts and accessories. From your basic needs to the more detailed items, you are more than likely going to find it at this store. As our cars and automobiles begin to deteriorate, there will always be a need for replacement parts. Not only does this company supply the weekend warrior, they also supply the smaller automotive shops around the country. Being in the auto industry certainly has its ups and downs, but there will always be a need for this service.

 technicals retail   advance auto consumer cyclical specialty retail

Amazon is a behemoth of a company.  They are the world’s biggest online retailer by a long shot.  Their revenue is roughly 105 billion.  Yet, the barely make a profit.  Their gross profits were only about 500 million for the year last year and that only got them earnings per share of $1.28.  And, this is what is really eyebrow raising, their stock is trading at $800 per share.  I had to look and relook at that about seven times until it finally sunk in.  This stock is trading at a return on investment of almost .2%.   That is 2-tenths of a percent.  You could invest in a one-year treasury bond and get a far better rate than that.  

 technicals services   amazon consumer cyclical specialty retail retail

Campbell Soup Company is the brand with the memorable Christmas commercial of the snowman entering the house, only to be a small child as they eat the tomato soup. People across the county have had some exposure to this brand; most popular are their soup selections. They make all sorts of soups and ingredients for recipes, which includes cream of mushroom soup. The good side of being invested in a company such as this is they are not as exposed to a market slowdown because of their price point and product they provide. Enough about the company, let us take a look and see how the company has been over the last year months.

 technicals food   campbell soup consumer defensive packaged foods food products

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