EverQuote Stock Forecast - Polynomial Regression

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EVER -- USA Stock  

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Investors can use this prediction interface to forecast EverQuote historic stock prices and determine the direction of EverQuote future trends based on various well-known forecasting models. However looking at historical price movement exclusively is usually misleading. Macroaxis recommends to always use this module together with analysis of EverQuote historical fundamentals such as revenue growth or operating cash flow patterns. Although naive historical forecasting may sometimes provide an important future outlook for the firm we recommend to always cross-verify it against solid analysis of EverQuote systematic risks associated with finding meaningful patterns of EverQuote fundamentals over time. Continue to Historical Fundamental Analysis of EverQuote to cross-verify your projections.
EverQuote polinomial regression implements a single variable polynomial regression model using the daily prices as the independent variable. The coefficients of the regression for EverQuote as well as the accuracy indicators are determined from the period prices.
Given 30 days horizon, the value of EverQuote on the next trading day is expected to be 47.332265

EverQuote Stock Forecast Pattern

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EverQuote Forecasted Value

Market Value
February 23, 2020
Expected Value

Model Predictive Factors

AICAkaike Information Criteria119.6391
BiasArithmetic mean of the errors None
MADMean absolute deviation1.8004
MAPEMean absolute percentage error0.0529
SAESum of the absolute errors109.8244
A single variable polynomial regression model attempts to put a curve through the EverQuote historical price points. Mathematically, assuming the independent variable is X and the dependent variable is Y, this line can be indicated as: Y = a0 + a1*X + a2*X2 + a3*X3 + ... + am*Xm

Volatility Measures

EverQuote Risk Indicators

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Continue to Historical Fundamental Analysis of EverQuote to cross-verify your projections. Please also try Competition Analyzer module to analyze and compare many basic indicators for a group of related or unrelated entities.