Visa Interest Expense Over Time

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V -- USA Stock  


With this module investors can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible portfolio assets. Also please take a look at Visa Performance and Visa Correlation.

108.5 MMMMM427 M427 M427 M427 M384.3 M414.6 M
97.8 M97.8 M97.8 M97.8 M97.8 M89.6 M94.7 M97.8 M72.5 M94.7 M87.1 M
22.9 M53.8 M72.5 M76.1 M70 M121.4 M120 M120 M120 M108 M116.5 M
20 M16.1 M13.6 M11.5 M19.3 M18.2 M18.1 M18.1 M18.1 M16.3 M15.9 M
56 M56 M56 M56 M56 M52 M51.4 M38.3 M29.1 M26.2 M32.9 M
71.2 M243.3 M251.8 M261.4 M211.2 M204.1 M198.7 M198.7 M198.7 M178.8 M167.9 M
1.4 M22.9 M17.1 M25.2 M26.3 M29 M29 M29 M29 M26.1 M20.7 M
941 K374 K374 K374 K374 K374 K374 K374 K374 K430.1 K607 K

Visa and related stocks such as BrightView Holdings, Verisk Analytics, 58 Com, Convergys, Emerald Expositions, Fiverr International, R R Donnelley, Synnex, Total System Services Interest Expense description

Amount of the cost of borrowed funds accounted for as interest expense.

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V - USA Stock
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Services, Business Services
RegionNorth America
ExchangeBATS Exchange
Also please take a look at Visa Performance and Visa Correlation. Please also try Balance Of Power module to check stock momentum by analyzing balance of power indicator and other technical ratios.