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Equity statistic-functions tool provides you with the Statistic Functions execution environment for running Linear Regression Slope function against Equity. Equity statistical functions help analysts to determine different price movement patterns based on how price series statistical indicators change over time. Please specify Time Period to run this model.
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The Linear Regression Slope is the rate of change in Investor Education price series over its benchmark or peer price series.. View also all equity analysis

Linear Regression Slope In A Nutshell

How to use this is you can use it on its own to indicate where the current trend of the chart is at. Another way to go about using this data point is to populate your chart with a momentum indicator because when you look at the regression slope, that will be giving you the trend direction and in conjunction with a momentum chart, that will also give you data on how much there is backing the upward or downward trend. Of course you set the tools to match your trading and investing time frame.

When looking at a chart, there are many different ways to evaluate your options, and the linear regression slope can help you indicate the current trend of the chart. The data is plotted as a line and fluctuates between positive and negative numbers, indicating where the trend currently lies. If the line is in positive territory, that would indicate the market is in an upward trend and if the line is in negative territory, that indicates the market is a bear and trending downward. This tool may resemble momentum tools and can certainly be used in conjunction with those tools.

Closer Look at Linear Regression Slope

You could also use the trend with Bollinger Bands or standard deviation because as the chart approaches one or two standard deviation, you would be anticipating the chart to slow its current trend and potentially reverse slightly. As with any new tool, take a test run on a demo account and get familiar with it. The linear regression slope tool can certainly give you an edge in your investing, but it conversely may not fit your trading and investing styles. For added information, sync it with a momentum indicator and see if that gives you a sweet spot for identifying potential chart changes.

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