Investor Education Pattern Recognition Unique 3 River

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Equity pattern-recognition tool provides you with the Pattern Recognition execution environment for running Unique 3 River recognition against Equity. Equity momentum indicators are usually used to generate trading rules based on assumptions that Equity trends in prices tend to continue for long periods.
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The Unique 3 River pattern indicates the end of Investor Education existing downtrend.. View also all equity analysis

Unique 3 River In A Nutshell

This pattern utilizes three candles in this particular pattern. First, we have identified that the market is in a bearish pattern. First, we begin with a long bear candle that has a large body and a little wick, indicating the bearish momentum. Secondly, the following candle opens higher than the close, trades below the low of the previous candle, but ends the trading period below, but near the open. The third candle is a bullish candle that is small in nature, but telling the market that the trend may begin to change to the upside.

Candlestick patterns are a wonderful way to alert yourself to potential shifts in the market. With the unique 3 river candlestick pattern, this can help alert you to a change in trend. For example purposes, we are going to look at a bearish trend and how the candle formation is going to signal a potential change in the trend. Remember, these are not one hundred percent, but rather potential setups alerting traders and investors to potential market shifts.

Closer Look at Unique 3 River

Certainly this can work the other way around, but again, this is just to help traders know when a market may be shifting. There are other patterns out there that may benefit you in a greater capacity. This one is a little more difficult to identify due to the number of candles, but you may find it fits your trading profile very well. Look at the volume levels while this pattern is setting up, as it may give you an indication of how strong the reversal may be. MacroAxis has many more indicators and tools to help you hone your skills. The unique 3 river pattern is a great way to identify potential shifts in the market.

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