You can add most of our financial content to your blog or website. Our syndicated widgets are portable, reusable, and highly encapsulated web components that can be installed within any separate HTML-based document by an end user without requiring additional resources. This may include financial portals, business school or investment related sites, or personal blogs. Our reusable financial widgets and gadgets are used to distribute on-demand financial information including stocks, funds, ETFs and global market quotes, changes, and fundamentals.

Example 1 -- World Market Ticker

Example 2 -- World Market Widget

S&P 500
5.99     0.2 
8.79     0.05 
3.01     0.3 
40.32     0.32 
Hang Seng
160.35     0.60 
92.90     0.24 
293.86     0.68 
130.18     1.18 
All Ords
61.80     0.91 

What is Macroaxis content syndication solution?

Macroaxis hosted financial content syndication is a turn-key system for organizations like yours to gain a competitive advantage. Macroaxis delivers the world-class financial content solution suite in the most flexible, cost effective way possible. The Macroaxis solution for widgets, tickers, and financial content is software as a service (SaaS) platform that includes a robust set of cross site scripting methodology that make it easy and convenient to integrate into your existing web site. It does not require any modifications to your existing database or schema and can be running on your site in less then 2 minutes.

What to expect after integrating Macroaxis Financial Content?

Secured content delivery

A secured enterprise class solution that allows you to provide a professional look to your web site or blog, increase visibility across your customer base, and it scales to all user base without putting additional load on your hardware infrastructure.

Automated Updates

Automatic upgrades, so you can be sure that you have the most current and comprehensive solution available on the market.

Quick time to value

There is no software to install or maintain, which means your implementation starts building value right away. It takes less than 2 minute to integrate in your existing web site.


World class support from the experts. Our skilled team can easily assist with additional customization and answer support questions.

Key benefits of using the Macroaxis SaaS

Rich Features

The Macroaxis solution always offers state of the art financial content functionality built in, based on your specific requirements. There are 30+ widgets available to fit your custom needs.


Integration Macroaxis solution on your website will be a seamless experience for your users since the Macroaxis solution works within your website or blog. In addition, our offering is compatible with all browsers and is platform and language independent.


With the comprehensive Macroaxis solution we provide an online set-up wizard and key documentation you need to implement in less than 2 minute and you never have to worry about maintaining the software yourself.


With the Widget Financial content functionality being run by Macroaxis servers you can rest assured that your deployment will always be accessible and scalable to millions of users. Since all the financial content is delivered through Macroaxis servers directly to client browsers, you never needs to upgrade your hardware or buy addition bandwidth to support this addition content.


Click here to read more about Macroaxis Financial Widgets. For integration of our stock tickers please use Stock Ticker Info page. To request custom financial content please go to our Financial Widgets catalog. For any other inquiries regarding financial widgets integration please contact Macroaxis representative.

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