Macroaxis provides high-impact, comprehensive, and customizable stock tickers that can be easily integrated into websites, investment portals, financial blogs, or financial online media outlets. The near-real-time stock tickers cover markets from over 30 countries and can include stocks, funds, ETFs, indexes, news, or custom-built financial information. You can grab a free stock ticker or a paid version without any advertisement or reference to www.macroaxis.com

What are Stock Tickers?

Stock tickers report prices or other related information of various financial instruments and are embedded in a standard HTML document to be presented on websites. They are updated continuously throughout the trading session either in real-time or on delayed bases. Many business-related websites, portals, or forums show stock tickers and you have probably seen them scrolling at the top or bottom of the web pages. Macroaxis stock tickers can be syndicated either individually or as part of pre-configured bundles. Tickers can also come with specific themes, including logos, colors, border, background color, or composition.
Macroaxis Stock Ticker

Want to install your first stock ticker?

You can quickly integrate one ore more of Macroaxis stock tickers on your site in under a minute for free. Alternatively, if you need any customization, you can opt into our paid subscription.
Drop us a line and we'll work with you to make it happen. Contact us for custom implementation

Benefits using Macroaxis stock tickers

Traffic boost and web footprint increase to attract advertisers
Instant quote delivery for stock, funds, ETFs or pink sheets
Content integration with no web development skills required
Data feeds syndication via self-updating presentation bundle