Apple Dividends

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AAPL -- USA Stock  

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Apple Dividend Yield is considerably stable at the moment as compared to the last year. The company current value of Dividend Yield is estimated at about 0.017395. Dividends per Basic Common Share is projected to rize to 2.43 this year, although the value of Payment of Dividends and Other Cash Distributions will most likelly fall to (13.8 B). This tool is useful to generate past dividend schedule and payout information for Apple and its related equities in the form of graph and calendar. Apple dividends can provide a clue to current valuation of Apple. Apple one year expected dividend income is about $2.0 per share. Use comma (,) to separate each symbol. If not specified, the peers will be provided automatically based on Macroaxis sector classification standards for apple. To filter out specific equities, please toggle its corresponding legend item. Please continue to Trending Equities
Last ReportedProjected for 2020
Payment of Dividends and Other Cash Distributions (12,769,000,000) (13,777,078,947) 
Dividend Yield 0.016  0.017395 
Dividends per Basic Common Share 2.40  2.43 

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Payment of Dividends and Other Cash Distributions Over Time

A component of net cash flow from financing representing dividends and dividend equivalents paid on common stock and restricted stock units.
 Payment of Dividends and Other Cash Distributions  

Dividend Yield Over Time

Dividend yield is apple dividend as a percentage of apple stock price. apple dividend yield is a measure of apple stock productivity which can be interpreted as interest rate earned on an apple investment. dividend yield measures the ratio between a company's dividends per basic common share and its adjusted share price.
 Dividend Yield 

Dividends per Basic Common Share Over Time

Aggregate dividends declared during the period for each split-adjusted share of common stock outstanding. includes spinoffs where identified.
 Dividends per Basic Common Share 

Recent Dividends Paid (per share)

 Dividends Paid 

Apple Expected Dividend Income Per Share

Bottom Scenario
Top Scenario
One Year
Apple expected dividend income per share adjusted for ongoing price standard deviation

Apple Past Distributions to stockholders