Facebook Shares Owned by Insiders vs. Shares Owned by Institutions

FB -- USA Stock  

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The Drivers Module shows relationships between Facebook's most relevant fundamental drivers and provides multiple suggestions of what could possibly affect the performance of Facebook over time as well as its relative position and ranking within its peers. Additionally see Investing Opportunities

Facebook Shares Owned by Institutions vs. Shares Owned by Insiders Fundamental Analysis

Facebook is rated below average in shares owned by insiders category among related companies. It is rated # 4 in shares owned by institutions category among related companies producing about  58.34  of Shares Owned by Institutions per Shares Owned by Insiders.
Shares Owned by Insiders show percentage of outstanding shares owned by insiders (such as key officers or members of the board of directors) or private individuals and entities with over 5% of the total shares outstanding. Company executives or private individuals with access to insider information share information about a firm's operations that is not available to the general public.
Insiders Shares 
Executives Shares 
Although the research on effects of insider trading on prices and volatility is still relatively inconclusive, investors are advised to pay a close attention to the distribution of equities among company's stakeholders to avoid many problems associated with the disclosure of price sensitive information.
Shares Owned by Institutions show percentage of the outstanding shares of stock issued by a company that are currently owned by other institutions such as asset management firms, hedge funds, or investment banks. Many investors like investing in companies with large percentage of the firm owned by institutions because they believe that larger firms such as banks, pension funds, and mutual funds, will invest when they think that good things are going to happen.
Shares Held by Institutions 
Funds and Banks 
Since Institution investors conduct a lot of independent research they tend to be more involved and usually more knowledgeable about entities they invest as compared to amateur investors.

Facebook Shares Owned by Institutions Comparison

  Shares Owned by Institutions 
      Facebook Comparables 
Facebook is rated # 3 in shares owned by institutions category among related companies.
  Shares Owned by Insiders 
      Facebook Comparables 
Facebook is rated below average in shares owned by insiders category among related companies.
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