Cohen Steers Money Management

XUTFX -- USA Fund  

USD 27.26  0.16  0.59%

Break down of Cohen Steers manpower and management performance that can provide insight into the fund performance. Note, an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with Cohen Steers Infrast future performance. Cohen Steers employes about 20 people. The company is managed by 25 executives with total tenure of roughly 143 years, averanging almost 5.0 years of service per executive having 1.0 employee per reported executive. See also Your Current Watchlist.
  James Giallanza  CFO
CFO, Treasurer
  Lisa Phelan  Executive
Chief Compliance Officer
  Heather Kaden  Executive
Deputy Chief Compliance Officer

Cohen Steers Infrast Benchmark Summation

The output start index for this execution was twenty-three with a total number of output elements of thirty-eight. The Index of lowest value over a specified period line plots minimum index of Cohen Steers Infrast price series. View also all equity analysis or get more info about index of lowest value over a specified period math operators indicator.

Cohen Steers Stakeholders

Adam Derechin President CEO
Robert Steers Co-Chairman of the Board
Joseph Harvey Vice President
Robert Becker Vice President
Elaine ZaharisNikas Vice President
Matthew Stadler Executive Vice President CFO
William Scapell Vice President
Yigal Jhirad Vice President
James Giallanza CFO, Treasurer
Dean Junkans Director
Jane Magpiong Independent Director
Frank Ross Independent Director
Michael Clark Independent Director
Gerald Maginnis Independent Director
Richard Norman Independent Director
Edward Ward Independent Director
Richard Kroon Lead Independent Director
Bonnie Cohen Independent Director
George Grossman Independent Director
Lisa Phelan Chief Compliance Officer
Heather Kaden Deputy Chief Compliance Officer
Albert Laskaj Treasurer
Francis Poli Secretary
Neil Bloom Assistant Treasurer
Tina Payne Assistant Secretary
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