Visa Management Performance Evaluation

V -- USA Stock  

Fiscal Quarter End: December 31, 2019  

Recap of Visa manpower and management performance that can provide insight into the venture performance. Note, an employee sentiment is becoming a valuable factor that investors use to determine the amount of risk that may be associated with Visa future performance. Visa employes about 17000 people. The company is managed by 41 executives with total tenure of roughly 287 years, averanging almost 7.0 years of service per executive having 1.0 employee per reported executive. Also please take a look at World Market Map.
  Charles Scharf  CEO
CEO and Director
  Graham Macmillan  President
President of Visa Foundation
  Lynne Biggar  President
Executive Vice President Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Visa Management Effectiveness

The company has return on total asset of 13.58 % which means that for every 100 dollars spent on asset it generated profit of $13.58. This is acceptable considering the industry classification. Similarly, it shows return on equity (ROE) of 35.17 % implying that it made 35.17 on every $100 invested by shareholders.

Visa Workforce Comparison

Visa is rated below average in number of employees category among related companies. The total workforce of Credit Services industry is at this time estimated at about 375,438. Visa holds roughly 17,000 in number of employees claiming about 5% of stocks in Credit Services industry.

Visa Profit Margins

The company has Profit Margin of 52.57 % which may indicate that it has a good control over its costs or executes well on its competitive strategies. This is very large. Similarly, it shows Operating Margin of 69.88 % which imply that for every $100 of sales it generated an operating income of 0.7.

Visa Insider Trading

Visa Benchmark Summation

The function did not generate any output. Please change time horizon or modify your input parameters. The output start index for this execution was zero with a total number of output elements of sixty-one. Visa Price Series Subtraction is a subtraction of Visa price series from its benchmark/peer.. View also all equity analysis or get more info about price series subtraction math operators indicator.

Visa Stakeholders

Charles Scharf CEO and Director
Charlotte Hogg Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer - European Operations
Alfred Kelly Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Valentino Sy Chairman of the Board, CEO
Robert Matschullat Non-Executive Independent Chairman of the Board
Vasant Prabhu Vice Chairman of the Board, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President
Ellen Richey Vice Chairman of Risk and Public Policy
Graham Macmillan President of Visa Foundation
Lynne Biggar Executive Vice President Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
William Sheedy Executive Vice President - Corporate Strategy, M&A and Government Relations
Min Wang Senior Vice President - Visa Research Labs
Demetrios Marantis Senior Vice President Global Government Relations
Jennifer Grant Chief Human Resource Officer, Executive Vice President
Ryan McInerney President
Kelly Tullier Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Edmundo Bunyi President Director
Rajat Taneja Executive Vice President - Technology and Operations
Wilson Sy Director
Cathy Minehan Independent Director
John Swainson Independent Director
Mary Cranston Independent Director
William Shanahan Independent Director
Roberto Lorayes Director
Joseph Ong Treasurer, Director
Suzanne Johnson Independent Director
David Pang Independent Director
Ignacio Gimenez Director
Gary Hoffman Independent Director
Willy Ocier Director
John Lundgren Lead Independent Director
Lloyd Carney Independent Director
Gregorio Yu Independent Director
Maynard Webb Independent Director
Denise Morrison Independent Director
Francisco FernandezCarbajal Independent Director
Antonio Samson Independent Director
Christine Aragones Assistant Corporate Secretary
Mary Richey Vice Chairman - Risk and Public Policy
Paul Fabara Chief Risk Officer
Bayani Tan Corporate Secretary
Jack Carskey Investor Relations Contact Officer

Visa Manpower Efficiency

Return on Visa Manpower

Revenue Per Employee1.1 M
Revenue Per Executive560.5 M
Net Income Per Employee491.4 K
Net Income Per Executive294.6 M
Working Capital Per Employee368.6 K
Working Capital Per Executive152.9 M

Per Employee

Visa Per Employee Growth Over Time

Net Income Per Employee
Revenue Per Employee
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