Kraft Heinz Invested Capital Average Over Time

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KHC -- USA Stock  

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With this module investors can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible portfolio assets. Please see Kraft Heinz Performance and Kraft Heinz Correlation.

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7.5 BB10 B10 B10 B10 B10.1 B11.7 B10.1 B11.6 B11.8 B
4.5 B4.5 B4.5 B4.5 B4.5 B4.5 B4.5 B4.5 B4.5 B2.9 B3.3 B
62.4 M62.4 M62.4 M62.4 M62.4 M62.4 M62.4 M62.4 M62.4 M60.3 M72.7 M
11.1 M11.1 M11.1 M11.1 M11.1 M11.1 M11.1 M14 M21.7 M25 M22.2 M
227.3 M198.5 M189.6 M190.4 M174.5 M203.6 M306.9 M298.8 M385.5 M443.3 M373.2 M
612.1 M679.4 M1.5 B1.5 B1.5 B1.5 B2.1 B2.6 B2.1 B2.4 B2.1 B
14.6 B14.6 B14.6 B14.6 B12.8 B12.8 B12.8 B12.8 B12.8 B14.2 B13.1 B
4.4 B5.5 B5.5 B5.5 B5.5 B11.3 B11.3 B11.3 B11.3 B5.4 B6.3 B
444.7 M800.8 M4.2 B4.2 B4.2 B4.2 B4.1 B4.1 B4.1 B4.7 B3.9 B
102.1 M102.1 M102.1 M102.1 M97.9 M87.1 M108.1 M113.8 M116.1 M133.6 M130.6 M

Kraft Heinz and related stocks such as Kellogg Company, Lamb Weston Holdings, DAVIDsTEA, Farmmi Ordinary Shares, Farmer Brothers, BG Foods BG, ConAgra Brands, Campbell Soup, Darling Ingredients, and Freshpet Invested Capital Average description

Average invested capital value for the period used in the calculation of Return on Invested Capital; and derived from [InvCap]. Invested capital is an input into the calculation of Return on Invested Capital; and is calculated as: [Debt] plus [Assets] minus [Intangibles] minus [CashnEq] minus [LiabilitiesC]. Please note this calculation method is subject to change.

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KHC - USA Stock
The Kraft Heinz Company
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Kraft Heinz Fama & French Food Products
Food Products
Fama & French Classification
RegionNorth America
ExchangeBATS Exchange
Please see Kraft Heinz Performance and Kraft Heinz Correlation. Please also try Portfolio Suggestion module to get suggestions outside of your existing asset allocation including your own model portfolios.