Bunge Consolidated Income Over Time

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BG -- USA Stock  

Fiscal Quarter End: March 31, 2020  

With this module investors can use any or all of fundamental ratio historical patterns as a complementary method for asset selection as well as a tool for deciding entry and exit points. Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible portfolio assets. Continue to Bunge Performance and Bunge Correlation.

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335 M940 M36 M207 M517 M790 M767 M174 M287 M258.3 M407.1 M
1.7 B1.2 B1.4 B1.4 B2.3 B1.8 B1.3 B1.6 B1.8 B1.6 B1.6 B
144.6 M66.4 M66.4 M66.4 M66.4 M66.4 M69.3 M69.3 M69.3 M60.8 M71.1 M
809 M1.2 B2.2 BB3.9 B3.8 BBB3.4 B3.9 B3.7 B
(19.5 M)(6.6 M)28.7 M(13.4 M)186.4 MM27.3 M126.3 M177.1 M203.6 M219.7 M
(2.9 M)3.1 M4.9 MM7.1 M8.1 M6.5 M20.2 M(5.5 M)(6.3 M)(6.5 M)
124.6 M58.5 M154.3 M(1.4 B)2.2 B9.1 B3.6 B19.2 B(28.5 B)(25.6 B)(26.3 B)
(674 K)(674 K)(674 K)(674 K)(674 K)(111.6 M)(111.6 M)23.6 M(30.2 M)(34.8 M)(37.5 M)
(275 K)56.9 M9.3 M(25.8 M)11 M(4.4 M)14.3 M15 M(23.2 M)(20.9 M)(21.5 M)
(3.6 M)18.5 M19.6 M9.5 M13.2 MM(9.5 M)12.8 M37.5 M43.1 M46.5 M

Bunge Limited and related stocks such as Archer Daniels Midland, Fresh Del Monte, Industrias Bachoco, Brasilagro Brazilian, Limoneira, Cresud S A, AgroFresh Solutions, Adecoagro S A, Alico Consolidated Income description

The portion of profit or loss for the period; net of income taxes; which is attributable to the consolidated entity; before the deduction of net income to non controlling interests.

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BG - USA Stock
Bunge Limited
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Bunge Fama & French Food Products
Food Products
Fama & French Classification
LocationNew York; U.S.A
ExchangeBATS Exchange
Continue to Bunge Performance and Bunge Correlation. Please also try Fundamentals Matrix module to view fundamentals matrix and analyze how accounts are interrelated and interconnected with each other.