Insperity Analysts Recommendations and Consensus

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Earning Report: February 10, 2020  

The current analyst and expert consensus on Insperity is Strong Buy with 0 strong sell and 3 strong buy opinions. The current projected target price consensus is 111.67 with 3 analysts opinions. The most common way Insperity analysts use to provide recommendation to public is financial statements analysis. Many experts also interview Insperity executives and customers to further validate their buy or sell advice. Please note, the number of analysists providing the opinion is not sufficient to provide adequate consensus on Insperity. We encourage you to use your own analysis of Insperity to validate this buy or sell advice. Insperity buy or sell recommendation module provides average expert sentiment on the projected Insperity target price to derive its highest and lowest estimates based on projected price volatility of 14.571. Additionally see Macroaxis Advice on Insperity to cross-verify analyst projections. Unlike analyst recommendations, Macroaxis provides advice only from the prospective of investor risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Insperity Target Price Consensus

Number of Opinions3
Lowered Outlook0
Raized Outlook0
Strong Buy
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Insperity Target Price Projection

Current Price

Insperity Market Quote

Low Price92.36Odds
High Price93.07Odds


Target Price

Analyst Consensus On Target Price

Low Estimate100.0Odds
High Estimate128.0Odds
Number of Analysts3
Standard Deviation14.571


Insperity Analysit Ratings

Average Consensus