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Equity momentum-indicators tool provides you with the Momentum Indicators execution environment for running Chande Momentum Oscillator indicator against Equity. Momentum indicators of Equity are pattern recognition functions that provide distinct formation on Equity potential trading signals or future price movement. Analysts can use these trading signals to identify current and future trends and trend reversals to provide buy and sell recommendations. Please specify Time Period to run this model.

The Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) is a technical momentum indicator created by Tushar Chande. Investor Education CMO bullish signals are generated when the oscillator goes above the signal, and bearish signals are generated when Investor Education oscillator crosses down through the signal. . View also all equity analysis

Chande Momentum Oscillator In A Nutshell

To read this indicator is simple. Looking at the data, if it is above 50 it can be thought of as overbought and if it is below -50, that may indicate oversold. Moving averages and other tools such as Bollinger Bands or standard deviations can help you formulate a more well rounded opinion. As with any indicator out there, they are not one hundred percent and should be used as an alert.

There are several different types of momentum oscillators out there, and this is another one of them. Created by Tushar Chande, this measures momentum in the market you are analyzing. How this particular tool works is by taking the difference between the sum of all gains and sum of all losses, dividing that by the sum of all price movements. All these need to occur within the same period. This indicator is measured between positive one hundred and negative one hundred.

Closer Look at Chande Momentum Oscillator

When using this, you can look for divergences between higher prices but lower Chande momentum readings. Take the time to test this with your current setup and see if it is ideal for your trading style. You may find it does not work well and that is fine. MacroAxis has a wonderful library that you can find essentially anything you need to get your creative mind going. The Chande momentum oscillator is a solid tool and is worth your time to dig deeper.

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